Empower your congregation with Springly’s church software

From mosques to churches to temples, Springly can manage any type of religious organization.

Centralize your community’s information in one place
with Springly’s church management software

Build your CRM in record time

Import your contacts into Springly in just 2 clicks. Find all of your contacts information in one place, including membership and donation history, profile information, and all custom fields you have created.

Create unlimited custom fields

Your CRM should fit your unique needs. Create custom fields in the form of drop-down lists, text fields, document downloads, and more. You have the flexibility to build the database of your dreams!

Simplified group management

Create groups by worship time, geographical location, or age group. Give group leaders limited access to contact group members and utilize attendance sheets to streamline organization.
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Church accounting has never been easier
with Springly’s management software

An accounting suite that adapts to your knowledge level

Whether you are an accounting pro or just getting started, Springly adapts to your experience level and the unique needs of your religious organization. Choose between three different expertise levels, but all will keep you IRS compliant and give you a full financial overview of your organization.

Accounting automation for straightforward management

With Springly, all accounting entries are recorded automatically, with no manual entry required. All transactions, like memberships and donations, are automatically recorded in your accounting system in real-time, providing you with accurate reporting that is always up to date. Say goodbye to Excel for good!

Find all accounting documents in 1-click

All of your accounting documents (chart of accounts, balance sheet, income statement, and more) are automatically generated by our sports club management software. You can download them in one click and use them for fundraising and/or reporting purposes.
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Double your donations every year
with Springly’s church management software

Create a donation campaign in a few clicks

Whether you are constructing a new school or raising money to help the less fortunate, Springly helps you fundraise for your projects. Create a full donation campaign in 2 minutes or less, and customize it with photos, videos, and PDFs.

Increase giving with multiple forms of payment

Boost giving incentive by offering multiple forms of payment to suit each type of donor. Provide online payment by credit or debit card, and accept cash and checks if needed. All forms of payment, and payment status, are tracked in Springly, making follow-up a breeze.

Tax receipts are sent automatically

Say goodbye to spending hours editing and sending tax receipts. Create a standard template, and let Springly fill in the rest of the information for you. Once your donor has completed payment, they automatically receive their tax receipt via email.
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Build a sense of belonging among church members
with Springly’s management software

Offer online membership

Membership is made simple with online membership registration, renewal, and follow-up. Create online membership drives in just a few clicks, offer online payment, payment tracking, which frees up your staff to further your mission.

Engage members with dedicated content

Create content that is only accessible to members when they log in to their accounts. Open access to a member directory, blog articles, photo galleries, and more.

Payment tracking and follow-up

With all membership payments automatically recorded in the accounting module, you have detailed data on payment type, status, and follow-up. Contact members that are late on their dues with a payment reminder in 1-click.
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Organize church and community events from A-Z

Create events in 2-minutes flat

Create and organize a class, group meeting, or family night in a matter of minutes. Customize your event information with photos, videos, or PDFs, and create a custom registration form.

Manage the move to virtual events

Virtual events are here to stay! Lighten the load of planning a virtual event by sending automatic email reminders with the meeting link, offering online payment, managing discounts, and one-click refunds. With all of your administrative tasks taken care of, you can focus on running the big day, stress-free.

Offer different rates and payment methods

If your events are not free to attend, you can offer different prices and collect event registration fees through multiple payment options (online payment, check, or cash).
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A modern church website is accessible to all
with an easy-to-use software

No code required

At Springly, we believe that everyone should have a modern, powerful, and beautiful website without knowing how to code. Using our simple drag and drop system, you can build the website of your dreams in record time.

Keep your followers updated on your activities with an online calendar

Bring your religious organization to life by sharing an online calendar. You get to choose which events you share and who has access to it.

Create a blog to share news

Use the blog feature to share content for your community. Having a blog will improve the organic reach and visibility of your church on the internet. More visibility means more worshipers!
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14 day free trial, but life long support

24/7 support

At Springly, we are committed to excellence. If you need support, you will find it! Whether through live or recorded webinars, our help center articles, live chat, ticket support system, or youtube videos, there is always someone to help.

Free product demo

Enjoy a free 30-minute product demonstration with one of our nonprofit development experts. Our team is ready to answer all of your questions, help set up your account, or assist you with data import.

No credit card required

Start your free trial without any credit card information required. We believe in our try it, test it, love it philosophy where our clients are able to test all aspects of Springly's software before engaging in any financial commitments.

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