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Brick Tiles For A Brick Effect Finish

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What Are Brick Tiles

Brick Tiles is a name given to a collection of products that offer a genuine brick design, texture and finish. Once installed, Brick Tiles are then pointed providing a genuine brick finish on an existing surface. Brick Tiles are also know as Brick Slips, Brick Veneer, Brick Cladding And, Brick Panels.

Our Brick Tiles are cut from real brick. By taking one of our Clay Bricks, a slither is cut from the facing of the brick to create a thin version from 14mm – 20mm thick that an then be applied to a surface much like a regular tile.

Slips From Stock offer an exclusive collection of Brick Tiles. Our parent company (TBS Cladding Solutions) is the sole importer of our bricks, this allows us to manufacturer them in to tiles in house. You may see our Brick Tiles advertised else where (sometimes under a different name) however, we offer the best prices on this range of Brick Tiles.

Bayswater Brick Slips - Brick Tiles

Brick Tiles And Their Uses

Brick Tiles are incredibly versatile and can be used throughout the home. Due to our Brick Tiles being cut from real clay brick they are Fire Rated A1 which means they can be used with the likes of Log Burners, Stoves and high heat areas. In addition to those more special areas, they can also be used on a variety of areas such as Bathrooms and kitchens providing our Brick Slip Sealer is used to protect the product service and add a waterproof protection to the Brick Tiles.

General Uses For Our Brick Tiles Include Being Used As:

  • Bathroom Brick Tiles
  • Kitchen Brick Tiles
  • Log Burner Brick Tiles
  • Internal Brick Tiles
  • External Brick Tiles
  • Feature Wall Brick Tiles
  • Fireplace Brick Tiles
  • Flooring

This list is not exhaustive and if you have a special project for which you are considering brick tiles, we would strongly welcome you to reach out to our team via either Live Chat, Phone or Email and we will do our very best to assist you in your hunt for the perfect Brick Tiles.


The Benefits Of Using Our Brick Tiles

  • Unlike other suppliers we do not sell cheap pre-casted brick tiles. Our brick tiles are cut from real brick offering you a 100% authentic brick finish.


  • Real Texture – The texture of our brick tiles can not be matched, as they are cut from real brick their is no difference in texture.


  • Easy To Install – Most of our customers who order our brick tiles also install them, themselves. Due to the rustic nature of Brick Tiles they are forgiving for minor mistakes and are not as hard as porcelain so are much easier to cut.



  • Choice of Brick Tiles – When it comes to choosing brick tiles, Slips From Stock have the best range on the market and as the name suggests, all of brick slips are stocked right here in the UK in our cutting factory.


  • Almost no maintenance – Just like the bricks on your house, our Brick Tiles require little to no maintenance to keep them beautiful. For areas such as Kitchens and Bathrooms, we recommend using our Brick Slip Sealer to protect against splashes and stains and to also waterproof them (where needed)

Brick Tiles - Frequently Asked Questions

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