Stay in shape with Springly’s health and research nonprofit software

Collect donations, organize events, and communicate with supporters to create a unified community.
Medical Nonprofit Software

Easily manage your
health & research nonprofit 


Easily collect donations for your nonprofit.


Centralize your contacts’ information in one place.


Send a message to the right people, at the right time.


Create a website that is 100% customizable. No technical skills required.

Events & Online Store

Manage events and an online store to support your cause.

Collect donations and develop the 
resources of your medical nonprofit

In just a few clicks, create a donation campaign

It only takes a few simple steps to create a donation campaign. You can set up one-time or recurring donations, and receive donations by check, cash, and online payment.

Your donors automatically become part of your community

The donation feature is linked to your CRM database in Springly. As soon as they make their donation, a profile is automatically created or updated.
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With all your information in one place, 
you can quickly find what you’re looking for

All of the information is centralized

Your CRM stores useful information on your donors, members, volunteers, funders, and beneficiaries.

Segment your contacts into groups

With Springly, you can search for contacts and create groups to send targeted email communication.

Create a dedicated space for your members

Your members can access their profiles to edit and update their data and history at any time. Springly is committed to data privacy as a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant software.
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Send the right message to the right people,
at the right time

Send targeted communication

Create customized email communication with images, text, and buttons. Make your communication work for you.

Keep your mailing lists organized and always up to date

The email feature is linked to your CRM database, so your email lists are constantly updated. Create groups of donors, volunteers, and so you can send emails

Raise awareness on your cause

Send captivating newsletters to share your organization’s important work with the world.
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A modern website worthy of
your medical nonprofit

No tech skills required

Do you need to (re)create your organization’s website to boost your online visibility? On Springly, you can create a captivating website easily, by clicking and dragging.

A mobile-friendly website

Your website is automatically responsive to all screen sizes, whether seen on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Share your nonprofit’s accomplishments on a blog

On Springly, you can easily publish blog articles and new research findings on your website.
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Manage event registration and
an online store for your organization 

In just a few clicks, set up tickets and event registration

Are you organizing events to raise funds or awareness of your cause? It’s easy to set up event registration for your events.
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Sell merchandise online

Selling goodies or T-shirts with the logo on them increases your organization’s visibility. Setting up an online store and managing your inventory is easy on Springly.

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