Springly’s environmental and animal welfare nonprofit software

Whether you are saving the plant or animals, use our software to streamline management.
Software for Environmental and Animal Rescue Groups

Animal rights and environmental nonprofits
can now enjoy streamlined operations 


Easily collect donations and increase your funds


Create a website to share your knowledge and your cause with others


Bring your community together by organizing demonstrations, conferences, or workshops

Email Campaigns

Communicate with your community about upcoming activities and events


Centralize information and history of all your contacts in one database

Online store

An online store to support your cause

Collect donations for your animal rescue
or environmental nonprofit

Customize your online donation campaigns from A to Z

You can suggest the amount, require a minimum donation, or leave the choice to your donors. With different payment methods accepted, one-time or recurring donations, you tailor your donation campaign to meet all your organization's needs.

Reuse and recycle contact information for all features

Spend less time re-entering data with Springly. All features are linked together through a common CRM. If a contact enters their information to sign up for an event, all this information goes straight to your CRM.
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Spread awareness throughout the world with a website 

A clean website that is 100% customizable and responsive

You don't have to be a website pro to create a modern website. Start off with one of our website templates and customize it from A to Z. All our websites are built to look great on any screen size.

Create members-only pages

The website feature is linked to all other Springly features. In less than 5 minutes you can create pages only for members listed in your CRM. This will allow you to share exclusive or internal information with the right people.

Share your nonprofit’s news directly on your website

With Springly’s blog tool, your nonprofit’s news can be shared with people all over the world. Anyone who visits your website can then read more about your nonprofit’s updates and accomplishments.
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Create events that help protect the earth and
all its inhabitants in a few simple clicks 

Customize your events

Manage event registration for demonstrations, workshops, and conferences with Springly. Event registration can be customized with different rates and payment methods.

Have an overview of the number of registrants to your events

Big trees started out as small seeds: watch the number of people registered for your event grow! Small events soon blossom into big ones.

Say no to using paper

Your participants receive their tickets by email. On the day of the event, you can efficiently manage event check-in with our scanning app. Practical and eco-friendly.
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Send impactful emails and newsletters to
all your supporters, followers, and volunteers

Get the right message to the right people

The email module is linked to your CRM, so your mailing lists are always updated and segmented as needed. This allows you to send targeted and effective communication.

Emails that will inspire action

In just a few clicks, you can create modern and impactful email newsletters. Simply drag and drop images, texts, and buttons to personalize as much as you want. Then, click send. It’s that easy.

Follow your communication statistics

Track the performance of your emails after they have been sent. By checking email statistics (open and click-through rates), you can improve your communication over time.
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Your volunteers, donors, and activists
all in a centralized CRM 

All of your nonprofit’s contacts in one place

Find your donors, members, volunteers, and any other type of contact in your CRM. Each contact has an individual profile, with all their information and history with your nonprofit.

Segment your CRM according to what you need

To facilitate the management and communication of your nonprofit, you can create different groups. For example, one for activists, one for donors, and another for partners. Everyone has a place.

All the information stored is safe and up to date

Your nonprofit can set members’ profiles so that they can access and update it themselves. This way, they will always know which information your nonprofit has on them, and they can update it themselves.
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